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I was watching Google I/O 2012's Security and Privacy in Android Apps. At around 37:55, Kenny Root talks about certificate pinning and tells us to visit the docs for HttpsUrlConnection to see how to use a pinset.

Unfortunately my Google-fu is off again, and I can't seem to locate the example (locally or on the web). Searching for "httpsurlconnection pinset example" returned 0 hits. Would anyone happen to have a link or example of using HttpsUrlConnection with a pinset?

For those who do not pin, pinning is a whitelist of expected server certifcates (possibly thumbprints). It remediates a lot of infrastructure issues created by carriers, telcos, handset OEMs, CAs, subordinate CA certifcates (including proxies), ISPs, and DNS providers.


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Visit the Android documentation on HttpsURLConnection and read the section entitled "Providing an application specific X509TrustManager" for the sample code.

Note you'll have to make a Keystore file containing your certificates. You can do this with the "keytool" command that ships with the JDK:

keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias myca -file myca.crt -keystore myca.jks

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