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Simple html:

 <div class="div1">
      <div class="test"><span>1</span></div>
      <div class="test"><span>2</span></div>

And js:

var el =".div1").selectAll(".test");
el.each(function() { 


[undefined, 0, 0]
[undefined, 1, 0]

What is the latest argument (0)? According to source code this is group, but I can't find anything about selector groups in d3 documentation.


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It's for nested selectors:

e.g. for this HTML:


Let's select td:

var el = d3.selectAll("tr").selectAll("td");

el is [ Array[2] , Array[2] ]

and el.each:

el.each(function() { 


args [undefined, 0, 0]
args [undefined, 1, 0]
args [undefined, 0, 1]
args [undefined, 1, 1]
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+1 good answer. To expand a little, think of it as: datum, i, j, where j is the grouping. If there's only one group, the grouping is going to be 0. –  Wex Jul 12 '12 at 16:52

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