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No matter what I do, I get white/black borders around the icon... what gives?!

Is it even possible to do this correctly? How do I copy an HICON to a GDI+ Bitmap with transparency?

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I just wasted several hours on it.

Combined with how much I'd wasted many times before, yes, it's frustrating.

Turns out it's a problem with GDI+. A workaround is here; here's some code that might help:

HICON hIcon = ...;

ICONINFO ii; GetIconInfo(hIcon, &ii);
BITMAP bmp; GetObject(ii.hbmColor, sizeof(bmp), &bmp);

Gdiplus::Bitmap temp(ii.hbmColor, NULL);
Gdiplus::BitmapData lockedBitmapData;
Gdiplus::Rect rc(0, 0, temp.GetWidth(), temp.GetHeight());

temp.LockBits(&rc, Gdiplus::ImageLockModeRead, temp.GetPixelFormat(), &data);

Gdiplus::Bitmap image(
    lockedBitmapData.Width, lockedBitmapData.Height, lockedBitmapData.Stride,
    PixelFormat32bppARGB, reinterpret_cast<BYTE *>(lockedBitmapData.Scan0));


// Now 'image' has the icon, with transparency
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Many thanks. I was suffering the same problem of the black lines. I tried your solution and had another problem: some lines and pixels were missing. I tried to use BITMAPs and adapt this code to them, and now the images are rendered perfectly! – sergiol Apr 24 '14 at 17:46

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