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A device has usb OTG

Following is scenarios

  1. when a device connected to PC ,then device act as slave (how device knows it has to act as slave)

  2. when a device connected to printer ,then device act as master. (how device knows it has to act as master)

what are the steps executed when device connected to OTG. how to implement this mechanism (in brief)?

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The exact behavior of USB OTG devices is described in the specification you can find at usb.org. There is a PDF inside the zip called USB_OTG.

The Host Negotiation Protocol in section 6 covers how two OTG devices decide which one is getting the embedded host. Basically this is archived by driving pull-up and pull-down resistors on the D+ line.

Note: When talking about USB the terms master/slave are not used. The master is called host and powers the bus whereas the slave is called device. In the case of OTG (in general, see specification for exceptions) both parts have the capability to be host or device. When the host was figured out by the Host Negotiation Protocol, this part becomes the so called embedded host.

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@hamish really, you downvote because a link expired after 3 years? wtf –  Alexander Mar 24 at 14:08

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