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I am using fileZilla ftp server and trying to run my php scipt. Below code to call b.php is not working. I am new to filezilla so let me know if any configuration required to run this code. I am calling b.php from a.php and both of them are in same folder.

   header("Location: b.php");
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Filezilla is just an FTP file manipulation tool (uploading, downloading, deleting.. sort of FTP File Manager or File Server). It has nothing to do with php code working or not. For php you need a web server like Apache or something. Perhaps you could mention what kind of error are you getting? I assume that above code is from a.php For the given code, there should be no problem in getting this code executed successfully. – Davinder Jul 6 '12 at 6:09

It will not work like that. You can run PHP file via terminal:

$ php -f file.php

Or you can make it executable with $ chmod +x file.php, add #!/usr/bin/env php on top of file and, finally, you run like that:

$ ./file.php

Or just access it in browser if you have Web Server configured and running.

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This code may help you...

Try to write like this


    header('Location: b.php');
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