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I've written a LINQ query that should return an int value. but I'm not able to convert this value to int and an exception occured: Unable to cast object of type 'QuickRoutes.DAL.RouteLinq' to type 'System.IConvertible'.
this is my LINQ :

var res = (from p in aspdb.RouteLinqs
                       orderby p.RouteId descending
                       select p).Take(1);

and the exception occures here:

 route.Id =Convert.ToInt32(res.FirstOrDefault());

how can I solve this problem?

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you are selecting a routeLinq object...instead select the property that corresponds to the int value u r interested in – NoviceProgrammer Jul 5 '12 at 6:35
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that is because res.FirstOrDefault() returns a RouteLinqs type object, because you are using select p , you may select a field using select p.FieldName, where FieldName is the property you require for conversion, which is probably RouteId

You may want to query the particular field in your linq query.

var res = (from p in aspdb.RouteLinqs
                       orderby p.RouteId descending
                       select p.RouteId).Take(1); //p.RouteID or any field you want. 

Or with your current query, you may do:

 route.Id =Convert.ToInt32(res.FirstOrDefault().RouteID);
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Looks like you're selecting the max route id, so why not just do:

route.Id = aspdb.RouteLinqs.Max(x => x.RouteId);
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Not sure how your is but RouteLinqs is defined, but perhaps you are looking to select a specific object from the class RouteLinqs.

var res = (from p in aspdb.RouteLinqs
                   orderby p.RouteId descending
                   select p.SomeProperty).Take(1);

In this case p is a single item of RouteLinqs and p.SomeProperty should be your int value.

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This code should work:

route.Id = Convert.ToInt32((res.FirstOrDefault()).FieldName); 
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