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I'm hooking a Direct3D9 device by searching for the VTable and appending my own method to the start of selected referenced functions with a detour.

D3DEndScene = (lpfnD3DEndScene)((LPVOID)dwVTable[VD3D_ENDSCENE]); // 35 dx8
D3DResetDevice = (lpfnD3DResetDevice)((LPVOID)dwVTable[VD3D_RESET]); // 14 dx8


DetourAttach(&(PVOID&)D3DEndScene, D3DEndScene_Hook);
DetourAttach(&(PVOID&)D3DResetDevice, D3DResetDevice_Hook);


That's working fine.

As a result I have access to the Direct3D9 device I've called "pDevice".


I would like to extract the window handle that pDevice is using so that I can hook the WndProc attribute and filter out keyboard/mouse events (and handle them myself). I know I can use SetWindowLong to find the existing WndProc, but I've no idea how to actually get any form of window handle out of the device.

What I do know is that in the method IDirect3D9::CreateDevice there is the argument hFocusWindow which seems like what I'm looking for; but I've no idea how to access it after creation.

Hooking CreateDevice isn't a very good option for me because I won't be hooking until far after the device is created and hence I won't catch the function in time.

How can I get the window handle of a D3D9 device?

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This is what you are looking for D3D9:


You can use that to get the creation paramaters used to create the device including hFocusWindow.

Hope that helps.

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Content not found. Can you correct the link? –  kvanberendonck Jul 5 '12 at 15:29
Thanks! We have a winner –  kvanberendonck Jul 5 '12 at 16:04
It is possible that the window handle was not passed as an argument to CreateDevice, but as part of the D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS struct, in which case your method will return NULL. –  riv Feb 7 '14 at 17:11

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