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Possible Duplicate:
How to do the vector of sets in C++?

I want to have a set for the different levels that are in my code. A set at each level will be holding integer values. The number of these sets should be dynamic depending on the number of levels required ( which is given as input ).

For this, I wanted to have a dynamic set structure. How can I achieve this? Can I go for a vector with as many pointers to the sets as required? How do I achieve this? Is there any other method.

Can somebody give me a snippet for it?

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vector<set<int> > my_sets;

Adding an element to i-th set:

int number;

Searching an element in i-th set:

if(my_sets[i].find(number) != my_sets[i].end())
      // Number found

Iterate over i-th set:

for(set<int> :: iterator it = my_sets[i].begin(); it != my_sets[i].end();++it)
   // do something with integer value *it

Add a new set:

set<int> temp;

Erase i-th set:

my_sets.erase(my_sets.begin() + i );
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A vector of sets is simply std::vector<std::set<type>>. Are you looking for something else?

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How do i access each set from the vector?? – Aakash Anuj Jul 5 '12 at 7:10

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