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I try to get CategoryFeatures using Typhoeus::Request from Ebay api. I am using Ruby Version 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2.3 with Ubuntu Server 11.04. My code below:

xml = <GetCategoryFeaturesRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents"> 
<eBayAuthToken> MY_eBayAuthToken </eBayAuthToken>

header = {
"X-EBAY-API-DEV-NAME" => my_devID,
  "X-EBAY-API-APP-NAME" => my_appID,
  "X-EBAY-API-CERT-NAME" => my_certID,
  "X-EBAY-API-CALL-NAME" => "GetCategoryFeatures",
  "Content-Type" => "text/xml",
url = " "
res =, :body => xml, :headers => header )

I got this Error:

<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>
<GeteBayOfficialTimeResponse xmlns=\"urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents\">
<Timestamp>2012-07-05 06:41:28</Timestamp>
<ShortMessage>Unsupported API call.</ShortMessage>
<LongMessage>The API call \"GeteBayOfficialTime\" is invalid or not supported in this release.</LongMessage>

need help please.

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Try to test your XMl in the test tool :

I run this XML and it works:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<GetCategoryFeaturesRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">
<eBayAuthToken> my_Token </eBayAuthToken>
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