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I have a multi-page (xaml pages) Silverlight Game Application. (SL2)

The flow is something like this

Login_Screen -> Game1_Instruction_screen -> Game1 ->ScoreCard-> Game2_Instruction -> Game2 ->ScoreCard->.....loop.... ->Game_Over_screen

I am navigating between xaml pages using -

Game1 g = New Game1();
this.content = g;

Now I have an animation on each screen which highlights the text.

When the game loop starts, everything works first time (for ex storyboard1.begin())

But when game comes to 2nd time in loop it start giving following error

Err at line : storyboard1.begin();
Err Msg:Cannot resolve TargetName txtMessage.
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Is it possible for you to give us a cut down version of the app that will reproduce the issue? –  Ryan Versaw Jul 20 '09 at 14:00
i found the solution here - silverlight.net/blogs/jesseliberty/archive/2008/05/31/… –  bugBurger Jul 20 '09 at 18:36

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This post has resolved my problem.

Silverlight 2 Multi Page Navigation -

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