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im new to jmeter. I'm in need to test the performance of some json requests which normally do some insertion or update in db .

I need to change some record id dynamically . For example

{"columnName":"company","newValue":"cts","oldValue":"","timeStamp":"11-05-2012 14:54:24","version":"1"}],"instruction":"contact_list","**recordId**":"8294547"}]}

i want record id should be dynamically get from csv file. so i did like


But after HIT TO THE SERVER I found in the request THAT the one more time request id was printing after the json loop ends like

{"columnName":"company","newValue":"cts","oldValue":"","timeStamp":"11-05-2012 14:54:24","version":"1"}],"instruction":"contact_list","recordId":"**8294547**"}]} 


which returns to malformed json request.

can u please tell the way to avoid extra appending recordid after the json loop .

above json is not the actual one just i copied the part i need .

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You're missing curly braces. The format for inserting a variable in JMeter is ${myVar}, not $myVar.

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