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I found many examples on Stack Overflow and I just don't know where to start since I have a particular prerequisite:

My Delphi Datasnap Rest server is using ZLibCompression and RSA encryption (in TTransportFilterCollection of DSHTTPWebDispatcher). Is there an Android restful API that can handle those? Any sample that already implements that?

I found this thread Android REST client, Sample? as a good starting point, both lightweight and well-formed clients are presented but is it enough for me?

Thanks in advance for any hint, sample or library that you could point me to.

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you can use the Android Rest-Client for sending data to a webservice

see my answer in the post Adding body of call to POST using HttpURLConnection

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I just used the proxy generator from Danasnap server TDSProxyGenerator component (http://yourserver:port/proxy/java_android.zip) and added this code to my android project...

I had to search for the DSRESTSSLFactory.java file that is not generated by the proxy (but required !!), i found it in a demo from embarcadero, and from that point the communication is entirely handled, all accessible procedures are publicated, and really really simple to use...

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Hi, I'm a user of the DataSnap proxy for Android too and I just wondered how you are getting on with it? I've had some connecticty issues with SSL connections - have you had any problems here? I'm connecting to a DataSnap server built as a Windows service. Jonathan –  Jonathan Wareham Aug 7 '12 at 20:47
sorry but i dropped the certificates, too heavy in my case. But post a new Question, you'll get more help than from a comment... –  Darkendorf Aug 9 '12 at 6:53

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