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I've been developing a django project for 1 month. So I'm new at Django. My current problem with Django is; When I have multiple forms in one page and the page is submitted for a form, the other forms field values are lost. Because they are not posted. I've found a solution for this problem;

  • When there is get method, I send the other forms value with the page url and I can handle them from the get request.
  • When there is post method, I keep the others form fields value in hidden inputs in HTML side in the form which is posted. Hence I can handle it from the post request.

Maybe I can keep them in session object. But it may not be good to keep them for whole time which the user logg in. But I dont know. I may have to use this method.

Is there another way which is more effective to keep all forms fields in Django?

Any Suggestion?


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You can make use of AJAX for a single form submission instead of whole page submit.

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Yes, AJAX may be tought as a solution but sometimes AJAX may make system complex. Without ajax there should be better solution than the solutions given in question. –  Ahmet DAL Jul 5 '12 at 10:22

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