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Let's i have simply @Stateless session bean. (EJB 3.0)

    public class SomeBeanWS implements ISomeBeanWS {  
    // ...  

And I have many WebServices (that are beans also) that have already deployed on the app server.
I have WSDLs of this Services.
I can generate Interfaces if this WebServices in my project using Maven.
Can I inject this Webservieces (beans) to my SomeBeanWS?

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May you're using NetBeans, it provides a "generate WebService from WSDL" tool. It helped me accessing external WS from within my ManagedBean (by using @WebServiceRef annotation there). Only injecting the WS through a Session Bean doesn't work (see here).

Edit says: I've found a solution, follow the link ;)

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