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I've been living in doubts since Xcode 4 release about deployment target option. There are two options to set.

  1. First is on "TARGETS" pane and is called Deployment Target. This one serves the purpose to set the lowest possible iOS version that app can run on.
  2. Second is on "PROJECT" pane and is called iOS Deployment Target. Well, this is the one that I'm not familiar with.

Can someone please explain it to me how to properly set second option if I support let say iOS 4+ ?

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  1. The first is related to different targets of the same project where you can define specific settings for them. It's used normally to maintain in a single project, different versions of the same core project. For example: a paid version and a trial version, you would have a target for the paid version and one target for the trial
  2. Here you can define the configurations for your debug and release schemes. For example: enter image description here

You can see I added a new configuration. You will now have different settings on the actual targets:

enter image description here

You can also do some fun stuff, like selecting your definitions on the target, copy and paste them on a file (*.xconfig file). You can them use this file as configuration, by defining it's name:

enter image description here

This is particularly useful to maintain versions of the settings on the repository.

Edit 1.0:

I edited the second point

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Target settings override project settings. Project settings are valid for all targets whose settings haven't been overridden.

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