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I'm using the official Twitter search and list widgets on my site but would like larger profile images than the widget provides by default.

The image it outputs has a url like follows:

Notice the '_normal' at the end. Twitter adds this on to all profile pictures to make them smaller. What I want is for 'normal' to be replaced by 'bigger' which, as you may expect, outputs a bigger image.

Here's the script Twitter calls.

Is there a way that I can either a) modify the script to output the _bigger images b) do a sort of 'find and replace' once the code is outputted to change '_normal' to '_bigger'

Thanks in advance.

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within the features set:

fullscreen: true,

that kicks off a part of the script that replaces _normal to _bigger.

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Hmm, that gives the image of dimensions of the bigger image but keeps the actual normal pixelated image. I expect that's not supposed to happen. – Kevin Robinson Jul 5 '12 at 11:06

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