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I'm working with the jQuery Form plugin and was not able to find a solution for the following issue in their API:

With .ajaxForm i want to retrieve 3 or more fields out of a database. The content of each field should be written in 3 matching elements on index.php. I can get and write a single field by using

target: '#element1'

in my javascript file and by using

echo $content ;

in the matching php-script.

So how can i return more data in a single script? My thought was to return an array, but i have no idea how i target the different elements.

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Well, once more, i figured it out.

So if there anytime someone will be who is trying to:

Fill a HTML Form with Database content without refreshing the Page

Here is how it can be done:

You'll need the following:

  1. The html with the form you want to fill
  2. The PHP script which gets your data from the database
  3. The jQuery script which is handling both

I hope i did not miss something, got quite a headache after this. Feel free to ask.

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