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Code to read file

boolean lockForRead = false;
String filename = "/gs/smsspamfilteraptosin/Data";
AppEngineFile readableFile = new AppEngineFile(filename);
FileReadChannel readChannel = fileService.openReadChannel(readableFile, lockForRead);

BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(Channels.newReader(readChannel, "UTF")); => I think something went wrong here.I put a string test and after this line the string test was  null.
String line = reader.readLine();

Path in cloud storage


ACL Permission for app


When I tried printing out line, the result was null.
And this is what I saw in the admin log : API serving not allowed for this application
Can somebody tell me what I did incorrectly?
Thank you.

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I'm getting the same "API serving not allowed for this application" error when I try to follow the tutorial at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9TG7OzsZqQ

My Cloud Endpoint REST API works well on my local development machine, but is not visible when when I deploy to App Engine.

Is it possible that this "API serving not allowed for this application" is the result of a dependency on a paid feature that we don't have enabled?

Update: Check GAE: API serving not allowed for this application for a (partial?) solution.

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You didn't do something listed in the prerequisites, and this is preventing you from using GCS from app engine.

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