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I have some questions around using the Wcf facility functionality that Windsor offers me. Most of the posts and sample solutions either uses a default constructor injection where the web service client is resolved without parameters or, the demo uses IoC.Resolve<> in the same method as building the container.

In my code I want to do the following:


You will notice that the last Component registered is the wcf client I want to use. Now, I have a separate class that has to use instances of the service. However, I cannot just add a IGridSubmitWorkService dependency in the constructor as such:

public SomeClass(string serverAddress, IGridSubmitWorkService service)

because, firstly I want to have the service client to have only a lifespan of one service request (I am not sure if you pass the service into the class whether it will stay alive as long as the class). Secondly, I need to create a connection to the service using the serverAddress and can therefor not rely on a default constructor. Basically I need to replace the following structure:

using (client = new GridSubmitWorkServiceClient(new BasicHttpBinding(), new EndpointAddress(WorkerAddress)))

with it's IoC style version. How can I achieve this?

Any help will be appreciated.

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where does WorkerAddress come from? It provides the address to which we are going to be communicating but is it something that is provided dynamically (i.e. calculated by SomeClass) or is it a limited set of possible values that will be available statically (i.e. via configuration/registration)? – Phil Degenhardt Jul 8 '12 at 22:28
It is static in the sense that it is constructed from a local file, however it monitors the file every now and then to check whether new addresses have been added or, old ones removed. I have been able to solve this by using a TypedFactory but will still like to see a WcfFacility solution if there is one. – Johannes Jul 9 '12 at 8:34

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