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I need to access the 48.20 Lac(s) text which is without any tag inside the div,which is the reason I'm not able to access it. I need to find this in a PHP file.I've tried $html->find('div.priceDetail') followed with trim(strip_tags($result)) which gave me 48.20 Lac(s) + unnecesary text. Since I've to build a generic file I can't depend on exploding and imploding for a particular fixed case.

<div class="priceDetail">
    <b>Total Price :</b>
    <img alt="" src="someimage">48.20 Lac(s)
    <!-- Per Sq Ft Price -->
    <span class="pricePerSqFt">(Price per sq.ft. : Rs. 3,679)</span>
    <!-- Code for price Trends -->
    <span class="priceGrowth">4 %
        <img alt="" src="someimage"
        <span class="iconWhatisThis">
            <img src="someimage"
            class="whatIcon" align="absmiddle">
            <span style="" id="StoolTip" class="price_main-c"></span>
    <div class="tt_top-c">
        <span class="priceGrowth"></span>
    <div class="tt_mid-c">
        <div class="tt_pointer-c"></div>
            <span class="tt_txt-c">Per sq.ft. price for this property is
                <b>higher than the average</b>property price in this locality as per MagicBricks.com
                Price Trends.</span>
        <span class="tt_txt-c">
            <span class="tp_txt">To know more about this
                <a href="#priceTrends" onclick="swithTab('priceTrends', tabbedDivArray);">Click
    <div class="tt_bot-c"></div>
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Here a solution with DomDocument, probably more robust than Regex :

$DOM = new DOMDocument;

//Get all the image tags
$elem = $DOM->getElementsByTagName('img');
//Get the first Image
$first = $elem->item(0);
//Get the node after the image
$txt=  $first->nextSibling;
//Get the text
echo $txt->nodeValue;

Of course it requires that the text is always located after the first image in the div.

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Bingo!!!!Worked like a charm –  user1425322 Jul 5 '12 at 9:54

Do as much work as you can with a DOM Parser and then when left with your random load of text, pull the bit out you want with this RegEx:

([0-9]{1,5}?\.[0-9]{2} Lac\(s\))


48.20 Lac(s)

(Change the 5 in the RegEx to the number of digits you want to allow before the decimal point)

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Thanks a lot mate... –  user1425322 Jul 5 '12 at 9:55

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