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I have very many small jQuery Cycle slideshow divs (containers) on a one-page website like

    <div class="foo bar" data-value="1000"> // data-value varies on each container
        <img src="directory/img_0.jpg" alt="img 0" />
        <img src="directory/img_1.jpg" alt="img 1" />
        <img src="directory/img_2.jpg" alt="img 2" />

and want to cycle them all - with each slideshow div having a different data-value - without hard coding/repeating

$(document).ready(function() {
      speed: 300,
      timeout: 6000,
      delay: $('.foo.bar').data('value')

for all occurences of such slideshow div. How can I "attach" or "bind" or "link" such jQuery function to each slideshow div so that each element's differing data-value is used? I suspect that jQuery's .each() function could allow me to do so - but how?

EDIT fiddle

Thank you very much in advance!

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As you mention, .each() will let you do this quite easily:

$('.foo.bar').each(function() {
      speed: 300,
      timeout: 6000,
      delay: $(this).data('value')

Inside the .each callback, this refers to the element you are currently operating on.

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Thank you very much - that works as intended jsfiddle.net/6mU9S/13 I did not know that it was that straightforward; back to jQuery preschool for me, positive vote for you ;) –  Systembolaget Jul 5 '12 at 10:15

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