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I have a table with 2 columns. The first column are all checkboxes and the second a list of attribute names. How do I check the checkboxes next to a table cell that contains certain text?

This is my table:

<table id="table1">
        <td class="SelectColumn"><span title="Select this attribute">
            <input id="chkSelected" type="checkbox" /></span> </td>
        <td>Age (required)</td>

Here is my try with jQuery code:

$('#[someButton]').click(function () {
        var tableRow = $("td:contains('required')").closest('td').find('input');
        $(tableRow).attr('checked', true);

When I debug this code, tableRow.length returns 0.

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I think I found an answer by myself :)

var tableRow = $("td:contains('required')").prev().find('input');

$(tableRow).attr('checked', true);

Is there a more elegant/efficient way to do this?

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