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I have a div which contain lots of input[type=text] fields. I want to put a check that user must have fill all the fields otherwise show error message. For this i tried :

if ($('div').children("input[type=text]").attr("value") == '') 
 flag = false; 
 flag = true;

But this will not check all the text field, it only checks the first-child . How can i check all the text field ?

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Try to use find() instead

 if ($('div').find("input[type=text]").val() == '')

To check over all input items you need to iterate over them using each().

Correct code would be:

$(function() {
        var flag = true;
            if($(this).val() === '') flag = false


See demo on jsFiddle.

This code return true if all input[type=text] fields inside div are filled and false if at least one is empty.

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The standard way

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if($("div").find('input:text[value=""]').length > 0)
 return false;
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