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When I position the overlayer absolutely, the hover (underline) on the h3 doesn't work (although the A tag wraps everything).

When it's normally positionned, the underline works like a charm.

I tried playing with the z-indexes, in vain

Any ideas ?

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what do you mean with "doesn't work" because to me it get underlined on mouse over. Isn't that right? –  Lorenzo Sciuto Jul 5 '12 at 10:30

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First off, a tag is an inline element and h3 tag is a block element! You cannot place the h3 tag inside the a tag. So, first remove the a tag and make it as some other block level element like a div.

The :hover pseudo class doesn't work on IE 6 other than for a tag. So, if you are using the div tag and targetting it as div:hover, that works in all browsers, except those less than IE 7.

Still, if you wanna use the same markup, please add this:

a {display: block;}

So that, it renders it as a block element, rather than inline element, holding the h3 and div!


enter image description here

And one another best way is to add border-bottom: 2px solid; instead of text-decoration!

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