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When I ask dot to render the following:

digraph foo {
   GRAPH [rankdir="LR" nodesep=".3" ranksep=".3"];
   NODE  [shape="box"  width=".2"   height=".2" ];


   A->G; B->C; B->G; C->G; D->A; D->E; E->B; E->D; E->F; F->C; F->E;

   {rank="same"; A; B; C;}
   {rank="same"; D; E; F;}

I get the error "triangulation failed, source point not in any triangl";

Changing the rankdir to "TB" makes the error go away, and the output (image rendered) is:

enter image description here

unlike this question, adding a constraint="true" (or false) doesn't resolve the problem.

Have you seen this before? Is there a work-around?

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