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I need to check for duplicate records in my table while insert and update. Below is my query. It works fine in case of insert, but fails at update. I am unable to figure that out. Please help me.


Set @Count =  (Select ISNULL(Count(*),0) From AccountMaster Where [Name] = @Name and Id=@Id and Flag=1);
If @Count >0 and @InsertUpdateFlag=1
    Set @DbErrormessage = 'Business Name and Account Id must be unique. Try again.';

Update :

Set @Count =  (Select Count(*) From AccountMaster Where [Name] = @Name and Id <> @Id and Flag=1);
 If @Count >0 and @InsertUpdateFlag=2
   Set @DbErrormessage = 'Business Name is in already in use by some other account. Try another one.';

The condition of update is that the Id and Name must not exist in the database. So I am taking count where name doesnot exists with any other id. But it seems , not working.

Below is my table schema.

SELECT [PkId] //Primary Key as Int
      ,[Id]  // Unique Key varchar(25)
      ,[Name]  //Business Name
  FROM [AccountMaster]

Id and Business Name must be unique while both insert/update. So I need to check it while insert and update.

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This is what database contraints are to be used for. Why are trying to code your own solution? –  Brad Jul 5 '12 at 10:46

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Put the Unique constraint in the name and forget the checks, you can handle the Constraint violation and then you know the name already exists

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