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I am trying to learn principal component regression (pcr) with Matlab. I use this guide here: http://www.mathworks.fr/help/stats/examples/partial-least-squares-regression-and-principal-components-regression.html

it's really good, but I just cannot understand one step:

we do the PCA and the regression, nice and clear:

[PCALoadings,PCAScores,PCAVar] = princomp(X);
betaPCR = regress(y-mean(y), PCAScores(:,1:2));

And then we adjust the first coefficient:

betaPCR = PCALoadings(:,1:2)*betaPCR;
betaPCR = [mean(y) - mean(X)*betaPCR; betaPCR];
yfitPCR = [ones(n,1) X]*betaPCR;

How come that the coefficient needs to be 'mean(y) - mean(X)*betaPCR' for the constant one factor? Can you explain that to me?

Thanks in advance!

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This is really a math question, not a coding question. Your PCA extracts a set of features and puts them in a matrix, which gives you PCALoadings and PCAScores. Pull out the first two principal components and their loadings, and put them in their own matrix:

W = PCALoadings(:, 1:2)
Z = PCAScores(:, 1:2)

The relationship between X and Z is that X can be approximated by:

Z = (X - mean(X)) * W      <=>      X ~ mean(X) + Z * W'                  (1)

The intuition is that Z captures most of the "important information" in X, and the matrix W tells you how to transform between the two representations.

Now you can do a regression of y on Z. First you have to subtract the mean from y, so that both the left and right hand sides have mean zero:

y - mean(y) = Z * beta + errors                                           (2)

Now you want to use that regression to make predictions for y from X. Substituting from equation (1) into equation (2) gives you

y - mean(y) = (X - mean(X)) * W * beta

            = (X - mean(X)) * beta1

where we have defined beta1 = W * beta (you do this in your third line of code). Rearranging:

y = mean(y) - mean(X) * beta1 + X * beta1

  = [ones(n,1) X] * [mean(y) - mean(X) * beta1; beta1]

  = [ones(n,1) X] * betaPCR

which works out if we define

betaPCR = [mean(y) - mean(X) * beta1; beta1]

as in your fourth line of code.

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Thanks so much, you've helped a lot! –  Matlabber Jul 6 '12 at 11:00

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