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I have a weird problem when using Seated Mode in the Xna Example of the Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit 1.5.1.

The only thing I add to the code is flowing line.

 this.Sensor.SkeletonStream.TrackingMode = SkeletonTrackingMode.Seated;

enter image description here

Did anybody tried using XNA and Seated Mode without having this Problem?

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This looks like the XNA sample tries to draw all joints. Since only a limited set of joints is available in seated mode, the remaining joints are drawn at a default position.

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Thanks the problem was that I had to remove the code where I draw all other joints – Markus Jul 16 '12 at 12:56

I have tested this, with the line you added and I am pretty sure that this was just a glitch. My kinect (xbox) only had problems when I got within a foot of it, which is normal, so that was just a glitch. Hope this helps!

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