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with the HttpServletRequest object, we can have the getRequestURL, which shows the ressource requested, but in my case I would like to know from where the request comes:

I tried also getRemoteAddr() and getLocalAddr() that prints my local IP, (as I am running glassfish and small webserver that talks to glassfish locally.

but the IP doesn't show the full referer, that should be in my case


from my IP I can resolve to http://my.domain.com, yet not the full url

Does this mean I need to send also "wiki/aPage" in the request, or I hope there is a better possibility?


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You can read the Referer header of the request and get the value by using request.getHeader("Referer");

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@Philipp Reichart, that was typo.Thanks. –  UVM Jul 5 '12 at 11:32

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