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<chart palette='1' ...> 

How to set color of palette in fusion chart? I want my own color("palette":"eef5fb") to set in fusion chart.

    var trendjson='{ "caption" : "","slantlabels": "1", "xaxisname": "Dates","yaxisname": "Count","palette":"eef5fb","set":['; 
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You can specify your own palette for data items by providing a list of hex colors:


For more details, please refer to “chart palettes” in the FusionCharts Documentation

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You can even try setting Hex code of the colors you wish to, in the "paletteColors" attribute.

The list of colors have to be separated by comma e.g:

'paletteColors' :'FF0000,0372AB,FF5904"

The chart will cycle through the list of specified colors and then render the data plot accordingly.

For further details, please refer to: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/?ChartSS/Column2D.html#Anchor1

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