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I'm currently developping an application with the help of Qt Creator. I'm using a SDK containing functions to use a specific hardware card, and thus have to include a .dll.

I previously encountered a tons of compilation errors pointing out that some undefined references to '_RTC_blabliblou' were made. After going through some forums, I discovered it was due to the fact that the .lib I was using may have been programmed with MSVStudio, and a solution was to include the RunTmChk.lib from MS to my project.

Indeed, the errors disappear, leaving place to other undefined reference to: '_allshr' '_aullshr' 'imp_fseeki64' 'imp_ftelli64' They seem to be functions from the RTL of MSVStudio.

So here are my problems: 1) Shall I compile my project with a MSVC compiler (and if so, how to do it)? 2) or may I keep going including MS libs after each undefined ref encountered?

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I'm guessing you downloaded the qt sdk for VS instead of the one for mingw. Just get the correct one... –  RedX Jul 5 '12 at 11:35
The Qt SDK I downloaded is on the contrary the one for MinGW. –  user1503795 Jul 5 '12 at 11:58

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