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If i want to get the extension of a URL with pathinfo function, i do this:

 $path_parts = pathinfo($url);
 echo $path_parts["extension"];

And what's my surprise that Apache shows the following notice:

Notice: Undefined index: extension in ...

How can i deal with it? Thanks.

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Can you show us what's a content of $url? If it does not contain extension=val you'll keep getting this notice. You can hide them with not showing using error_reporting, but it's awful solution. :) –  Leri Jul 5 '12 at 11:37
url can be any URL, for example: youtube.com/watch?v=g3OsdbvzZz4&feature=g-all-lik But yeah, the problems is that this URL hasn't got extension :) –  Alvaro Jul 5 '12 at 11:47

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If you want to get only extension use this:

$extension = pathinfo($url, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
echo $extension;
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Thanks. Better. –  Alvaro Jul 5 '12 at 11:48
@Steve: You are welcome –  shankhan Jul 5 '12 at 11:49

I'm a bit late to the party but you'd get an undefined index while doing an echo $path_parts["extension"] if the target is a directory.

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function getExtension($url)
  $url = explode('.',$url);
  return $url[count($url)-1];

You could use this manual function to retrieve it .

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