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I have the following two tables in my mysql database.

Table Name: groups

 id    group_name
 1     Garments
 2     Computer Accessories 
 3     Food

Table Name: account

 id     group_id    account_name
 1         1        T-shirt
 2         1        Jeans
 3         2        Motherboard
 4         2        Mouse

What I am trying to display is like following:

Computer Accessories

I have tried the following query but could not make the output like above

 SELECT group_name,accounts.account_name,accounts.id FROM `groups`
 LEFT JOIN accounts ON accounts.group_id=groups.id 

If I run the query it displays like following:

  Garments                T-Shirt
  Garments                Jeans
  Computer Accessories    Motherboard
  Computer Accessories    Mouse
  Food                    NULL

Could you please show me how to display the output like I have mentioned above. Just for your information I am using Codeigniter.

Thanks a lot in advance :)

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I think your problem is quite similar to this thread.. stackoverflow.com/questions/11183658/… – Ujjwal Prajapati Jul 5 '12 at 11:38
What do you mean by "display the output"? A database query alone is going to give you data in tabular form, which you've shown us. How you display that data to the user is up to you. How are you displaying this? – David Jul 5 '12 at 11:39
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Here is the query for this purpose

  group_name as Group_name,
  group_concat(account_name) as Accounts
from garments
  left join account
    on account.group_id = garments.id
group by garments.group_name

Use group concat. This will display this result then you can explode accounts on php end

Group_name              Accounts
Computer Accessories    Motherboard,Mouse
Food                    (NULL)
Garments                T-shirt,Jeans
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Thanks a lot :) – black_belt Jul 5 '12 at 11:57
I did forget about the usage of group_concat that you taught me once :) – black_belt Jul 5 '12 at 11:58
$categories = mysql_query('select * from groups');
while($category = mysql_fetch_array($categories))
   $ID = $category['id'];
   $category_name = $category['group_name'];
   echo $category_name;

   $accounts = mysql_query("select * from account where group_id = $ID");
   while($account = mysql_fetch_array($accounts))
      $account_name = $account['account_name'];
      echo 'TAB TAB TAB '.$account_name;

You can place Cateogory_name and account_name into their container's and make output better .

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