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Is is possible to change the SQL query statement of an already instantiated SQLiteCursor? I would like to be able to specify a given fixed CursorWindow to the SQLiteCursor, via setWindow, so that future queries get placed in the same container rather than opening new ones, but each query will be different. So the idea would be to do something like:

SQLiteDatabase db = openOrCreateDatabase(...);
CursorWindow cursorWindow = new CursorWindow("MyCursorWindow");
SQLiteQuery sqliteQueryObject;

//first query
String query = "SELECT * FROM Table";
sqliteQueryObject = SomeFunctionThatCreatesASQLiteQueryFromAStatement(query)
SQLiteCursor cursor = new SQLiteCursor(db, ...., sqliteQueryObject)


//subsequent queries
String query = "SELECT * FROM AnotherTable";
sqliteQueryObject = SomeFunctionThatCreatesASQLiteQueryFromAStatement(query)

Internally the SQLiteCursor would have to set private SQLiteQuery mQuery to the new query, before executing requery().

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