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I have a Timestamp field in a WebSQL database that is stored like:


When I pull that value out of the db, a literal string is returned to me, and I have to extract the epoch value with a RegEx, parse it as an int, and pass it into a Javascript Date. Is there an easier way to do this, it seems rather clumsy.

I know I could use the SQLLite strftime function, but I'd prefer to use "SELECT *" as I have many large tables and I'd like to avoid identifying each and every field in all my queries.



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If you are so lazy, then you could write

SELECT t.*, strftime('%whatever',t.Timestamp) AS formatted_timestamp

Or rename the Timestamp column to _Timestamp:

SELECT t.*, strftime('%whatever',t._Timestamp) AS _Timestamp

Alternatively / additionally you could make a view for every table for selecting.

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