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I'm trying to use Google LVL Licensing library. I already downloaded the library from Android SDK Manager, but when I tried to import it to my project I get the error that it doesn't exist.

My import is the following:

import com.android.vending.licensing.AESObfuscator;
import com.android.vending.licensing.LicenseChecker;
import com.android.vending.licensing.LicenseCheckerCallback;
import com.android.vending.licensing.ServerManagedPolicy;

I’d appreciate your help. Thank you.

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Did you add the library to your project classpath / Build path? –  Jonathan Naguin Jul 5 '12 at 12:05
No I didn't but I can't find it anywhere in eclipse. –  belyid Jul 5 '12 at 14:02

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Check this out this tutorial. The part Setting Up the Licensing Verification Library:

After downloading the LVL to your computer, you need to set it up in your development environment, either as an Android library project or by copying (or importing) the library sources directly into your existing application package. In general, using the LVL as a library project is recommended, since it lets you reuse your licensing code across multiple applications and maintain it more easily over time. Note that the LVL is not designed to be compiled separately and added to an application as a static .jar file.

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