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when i sent a request to server, at server log i am getting the correct result. this is my request to server as below

ISOMsg isoMsg = new ISOMsg();
            isoMsg.set(4, depositFundRequest.getAmount().toString());
            isoMsg.set(7, ISODate.getDateTime(today, TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT+03")));
            isoMsg.set(11, ServiceUtils.generate(6));
            //isoMsg.set(12, "100629072055");
            isoMsg.set(17, ISODate.getDate(today));
            //isoMsg.set(24, "200");
            isoMsg.set(32, "111111");
            //isoMsg.set(35, "6278519999011712");
            isoMsg.set(37, ServiceUtils.generate(12));
            //isoMsg.set(41, "TERMID01");
            //isoMsg.set(43, "11");
            isoMsg.set(123, userContextService.getCurrentUser());//UserId
            channel.send (isoMsg);
            ISOMsg responseMsg = channel.receive ();

But while incoming at client side i am getting the following exception.

 org.jpos.iso.ISOException: org.jpos.iso.IFA_LLCHAR: Problem unpacking field 43 (java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException) unpacking field=43, consumed=97

I am using ASCII packager and BCD channel,please help me to resolve the exception

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You can use org.jpos.iso.IFE_LLCHAR for field 43 in your packager.

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You better double check the ISOPackager you have used to resolve the received data from the server. If the packager you have used is not the same as what the server had used, then there is a good chance of having errors. When there are slight mismatches (e.g. ISO87APackager vs ISO87BPackager) exceptions occur.

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is there really a solution in your answer? –  jparthj Feb 25 at 5:39

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