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I'm looking for Symfony2 forum bundle, which is:

  1. working
  2. not dead
  3. supports sf 2.1

Anyone knows of such a thing?

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check this one out:


It has been updated recently and it is symfony 2.1 ready. You can install it through composer.

Also check http://packagist.org/packages/friendsofsymfony/comment-bundle that allows you to threading capabilities to your symfony application.

You can always check http://packagist.org for symfony 2.1 ready bundles ;)

If you have any problem instaling these feel free to ask.

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A little update to this, Herzult forum is broken on 2.1 - github.com/Herzult/HerzultForumBundle/pull/51 –  Fo. Feb 7 '13 at 17:37

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