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I am having a datetime control in sharepoint custom webpart

<SharePoint:DateTimeControl runat="server" ID="txtUKdtofAdm" LocaleId="2057" DateOnly="True"
OnValueChangeClientScript="validateControlsUK();" AutoPostBack="true" 

I want to call a js as well as server side function on date changed.I have done as above but, client side function does not execute. can anyone help me in order to get this workin wherein if a date is changed than both js on client side and onchange server side event should work.

In my case only server side is getting fired.

Kindly help. thank you in advance

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take your validateControlsUK(); and put alert('Hello'); see if alert work or not. if it work there is chance that your function can not compile. –  love thakker Mar 13 '14 at 19:18

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Ok, I got the solution to this.

I removed AutoPostBack="true" and in javascript I used
__doPostBack('<%= txtUKdtofAdm.Controls[0].ClientID %>', '');
which forces a postback which in turn fires OnDateChanged="txtUKdtofAdm_OnDateChanged"

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