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I'm currently making a spreadsheet with a bunch of parameters. However, some sets of data will not have to include these parameters, so I want to be able to apply a greyfill color to multiple columns based on a "No" appearing in a different column. So far, I've been able to only get this formatting to apply to one other column at a time, and I must duplicate the rule for every additional column I want it to apply to. I got it to work so far by using the formula rule =H1:H10000="N", but when I choose to apply this to $K:$Q it will only grey out the relative rows in column K

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  1. Select your range
  2. check the row of the active cell (1 in this example):

    enter image description here

  3. Enter the following formula in your conditional formatting (replace 1 by the active cell's row):


And that should do what you need.

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