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Let me explain.

I have to do some fuzzy matching for a company, so ATM I use a levenshtein distance calculator, and then calculate the percentage of similarity between the two terms. If the terms are more than 80% similar, Fuzzymatch returns "TRUE".

My problem is that I'm on an internship, and leaving soon. The people who will continue doing this do not know how to use excel with macros, and want me to implement what I did as best I can.

So my question is : however inefficient the function may be, is there ANY way to make a standard function in Excel that will calculate what I did before, without resorting to macros ?


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well,, the rumors are Excel is turing complete,, so it is possible,, but i don't think it would be practical - the people who will continue doing that won't understad the formulas needed any better than if you created a UDF for them... – Aprillion Jul 7 '12 at 12:08

While it can't be done in a single formula for any reasonably-sized strings, you can use formulas alone to compute the Levenshtein Distance between strings using a worksheet.

Here is an example that can handle strings up to 15 characters, it could be easily expanded for more:

This isn't practical for anything other than ad-hoc comparisons, but it does do a decent job of showing how the algorithm works.

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looking at the previous answers to calculating Levenshtein distance, I think it would be impossible to create it as a formula.

Take a look at the code here

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I already have a code, thanks. Actually I have multiple, because I coded one, found the one you linkde, found the one on the MrExcel forums and extracted one fro mthe FuzzyVlookup. I'm just hoping it can be used as a formula... If not, well I'll have to find another way, i guess. – Geoffrey Bessereau-Fournier Jul 5 '12 at 13:36

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