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I have a python script that runs a program, which generates few .exe files and puts them in a folder. I want to access these exe files to do further testing, the problem is that this folder name is not static (it's dynamic? ), the name depends on the OS,compiler,binary type(64/32-bit), so I can't hard code the directory.

So What is the best to access folders like this? , I tried looking this up but I haven't got a clue as to how to approach this.

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Just pass the folder name as a parameter to your python script:

python myscript.py FolderName

In myscript.py:

import sys
print sys.argv[1]

sys.argv gives you all the parameters.

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import platform

Use the platform module to generate the file path.

import os.path

Use the os.path module to play with paths in a nice way.

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