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Right after set method has been passed, I want to know what the date selected is so I can use it in a call to controller

$('#datetime').bind('datebox', function (e, passed) { if ( passed.method === 'set' ) {
$.load("controller action with the date set"); } });

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I'm not sure I follow, but you want the date that was just set, correct?

From the Docs:

Trigger to set specified date:

  • {'method'} === set
  • {'value'} === value to place in input
  • {'date'} === the date object being used

So, following your example, passed.value is the * formatted* date, and passed.date is the underlying date object.

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never mind i just found it:

$('#datetime').bind('datebox', function (e, passed) { if ( passed.method === 'set' ) {alert("The date is now: "+passed.value); } });
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