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I'm trying to test whether all providers for an interface, that is bound multiple times, are instantiated correctly by my module. To bind in my module I use a Multibinder in Google Guice v3.

I couldn't find a method that returns me all (multiple) providers for a specific interface/class. Using getProvider() only returns a single Provider.

Does anyone have an elegant solution for that problem?

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One option is to iterate all bindings from the Injector and check those which match your expected interface.

@Inject void checkBindings(Injector injector){
  for(Binding<?> rawbinding : injector.getBindings().values()){
    if (rawbinding instanceof BindingImpl){
      BindingImpl<?> binding = (BindingImpl<?>)rawbinding;
      if (binding.getKey().getTypeLiteral().getRawType() == MyInterface.class){
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