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I'm currently using the Google App Engine with Python. I setup some data in a namespace, and now i'm trying to get that data from a namespace. But i can't get it to work.

When i do this, then it all works fine:


But when i do this, then it doesn't work:

bla = namespace_manager.get_namespace()

My URL did point to a namespace: http://test.my-app.appspot.com

But for some reason it doesn't pick up the namespace. Anyone any idea what could be wrong?

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That's a sub-domain, not a namespace. If you want each subdomain to correspond to a namespace, you will need to configure that yourself, by setting the namespace for each request based on the domain name.

Your second snippet will never do anything - it will always set the namespace to what it already is.

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Ok thanks, i guess i misunderstood the documentation. –  w00 Jul 6 '12 at 6:31

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