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I'm facing this problem. I pass the request form as a string to a webservice, and then inside it I'm trying to fetch the data inside that string. I guess I could work it out searching for each substring but I wonder if there's a way of creating back a collection the way the Request.Form is.


You're right davenewza, sorry for that

The string will look basically like this


although it will be too long to paste it entirely it will be this way, just the result of pass ToString a RequestForm, and what I would like to get is the actual value of the initials_1, surname_1, initials_2, Address..... so the easiest way would be if I could transform it back to a Dictionary, isn't it? but don't know if it's possible

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Supply code please. It gives us context. – davenewza Jul 5 '12 at 13:41

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Something like this should do it

string request = ...
Dictionary<string,string> param = new Dictionary<string,string>();
       .Select(o => o.Split('='))
       .ForEach(p => param.Add(p[0],p[1])

But you have to be sure only parameter appears only once. Otherwise, you could do p => param[p[0]] = p[1], then you would replace previous versions... If you want to keep them all, you'll need a Dictionary>

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