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I need to screen scrape certain information from an interactive web application; more to the point I have to screen scrape that information from a Form once the user of that web application has submitted (POSTed presumably) that form.

What options or choices do I have for that?

The solution has to be minimally invasive i.e. I can't rely on Fiddler; it also needs to have a small footprint (i.e. I cannot install too many 3rd-party apps or tools to accomplish this).

The data that will be screen scraped will be tied together with a C# application that runs in the background on the desktop system. And this is a Windows-based desktop system.

I am completely open to non-C# based solutions e.g. Ruby, Python, etc. as long as the constraints above are met.

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For c# there is htmlagilitypack, but if it were me I would use ruby mechanize or watir/selenium

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I'm not sure if I understood you correctly on your requirements, but since you know Ruby, I believe using Mechanize will be enough. It's a very powerful web automation library and easy to set up as well.

You can check this article on how to set it up on Windows:


And you can refer to the Mechanize documentation here:


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