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I is it possible to edit the following jQuery code so that the user can chose the background image instead of the images just going round and round on repeat?

I can't quite figure out how to attach button selectors to each image. This is effect I'm after Sprout theme.


jQuery(function () {

    var imgArr = new Array( // relative paths of images
    'images/k2-in-skies.jpg', 'images/k2.jpg', 'images/kunhar-river.jpg', 'images/mitre-peak-baltoro.jpg', 'images/musa-ka-musalla.jpg', 'images/nanga-parbat.jpg', 'images/naran-valley.jpg');

    var preloadArr = new Array();
    var i;

    /* preload images */
    for (i = 0; i < imgArr.length; i++) {
        preloadArr[i] = new Image();
        preloadArr[i].src = imgArr[i];

    var currImg = 1;
    var intID = setInterval(changeImg, 6000);

    /* image rotator */

    function changeImg() {
            opacity: 0
        }, 1000, function () {
            $(this).css('background', 'url(' + preloadArr[currImg++ % preloadArr.length].src + ') top center no-repeat');
            opacity: 1
        }, 1000);

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I've been trying to figure this out for three days running, most of that time I've had a migraine. I'm not a programer and don't have time to fully learn jquery –  Nsokyi Jul 5 '12 at 14:16

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Currently you use a fix element id called #bg-imagesq. What you have to do is to change to extract all elements with the img tag $('img'). If you don't want to apply your code to all images within the current page then add for the specific images a dummy css class and change it to $('.bg-imagesCssClass') (as an example).

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