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Hi I am looking forward to learn Linqpad. Can anybody tell me if there is any e-book or tutorial site that can help me learn Linqpad Step by Step from the starting. I tried searching it on the net, but was not able to find any good material. Please help as it ws really important for me.

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If you're looking for hidden features of LinqPad, check this out. – Matt Apr 26 '13 at 15:10

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I'm gradually building up linqpad tutorials on my developer tips blog, I've started of with: reading CSV in linqpad.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this post as your first, but perhaps in a mix of tutorials that you are reading. This is a nice way of learning how "my extensions" work in the real life situation of parsing CSV - which I haven't seen many tutorials cover (hence why I decided to investigate it further).

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When you start linqpad there is a samples tab in the lower left. The "LINQPad 5 minute introduction" is a real simple interactive introduction to linqpad. That should give a pretty good overview of linqpad features if you already know you way around c#.

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There's a few videos here that give an overview to LinqPad.

LinqPad is only a tool - and an quite an easy one to use at that - just run the exe and start coding. If you are after help with LINQ in C# or VB, then LinqPad has build in tutorials for it.

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