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I am trying to load JQuery-Ui with a shim, but JQueryUi keeps timing out when I try to load it even when I know the path is correct.

paths: {
    jQuery: 'libs/jquery-wrapper',
    jQueryUi: 'libs/jquery-ui-min',
    jQuerySelectmenu: 'libs/jquery.ui.selectmenu',
    Underscore: 'libs/underscore-wrapper',
    Backbone: 'libs/backbone-wrapper',
shim: {'Backbone': {
          //These script dependencies should be loaded before loading
          deps: ['Underscore', 'jQuery'],
          //Once loaded, use the global 'Backbone' as the
          //module value.
          exports: 'Backbone'
      'jQueryUi': {
          deps: ['jQuery'],
      'jQuerySelectmenu': {
          deps: ['jQuery', 'jQueryUi']

    function(App) {
     ,     function (App) {
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what browser are you using? – theintersect Sep 8 '12 at 1:08
Not sure if this is still an open question or not I haven't actually tested anything to verify, but I notice that you have an extra comma after the deps array in the jQueryUI shim. I'm guessing that would prevent the JavaScript from running properly. – CStroliaDavis Sep 27 '12 at 20:56
Another thing (that does not effect the success of the loading of jquery-ui), the App variable in the outmost scope (you do not use it there) is jQuery. – Trond Hatlen Oct 4 '12 at 9:00

I think what damee is offering stands for older version of requireJs. Just folllow this tutorial as I did: Load jQuery UI with requireJS

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Try to use this project https://github.com/jrburke/jqueryui-amd to translate your jqueryui to modularized version. Then you can simply use it:

define(['jquery', 'jqueryui/tabs'], function($){

With requirejs config:

paths: {
    'jqueryui': '/javascript-cdn/jqueryui/' //output form jqueryui-amd
shim: {
    'jquery': {
        deps: [], 
        init: function(){
            return $; 
    'jqueryui': {
        deps: ['jquery'] 

I hope this helps.

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